– 2 février 2010

Ce mardi 2 février, (#18 716 classement Alexa), la version en ligne du quotidien le plus lu en Nord – Pas-de-Calais, a cité dans le détail le classement Toprural Top 10 des Communes dans un article publié à la Une et intitulé : “Wissant dans le Top 10 des destinations recherchées pour un séjour rural”.

La Voix du Nord : "Wissant dans le Top 10 des destinations recherchées pour un séjour rural" insiste bien sûr sur la très honorable 7º place obtenue par la commune de Wissant, dans le Pas-de-Calais, et rappelle que Toprural “référence plus de 60 000 gîtes et chambres d’hôtes à la campagne”.

Lire l’article complet.

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  1. Mikel

    Hey Bull – I was totally going to point out the republic thing. I re-evaluated a lot of my political stances after taking a political science class at BYU (of all places). It was a GE, and I DID NOT want to take it, but I’m really glad I did — one of the most informative classes I’ve ever taken. Now I’m actually MILDLY interested in politics, instead of completely ob.nivous..lChansoi, I LOVE that you wrote this: “It left me with a strong sense that political activism is vital to a functioning democracy, however I personally will never participate in it ever again.” For some reason that’s just really funny to me. 🙂

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    Youre so right. Im there with you. Your blog is undoubtedly worth a read if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did because now Ive acquired a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You surely put it in perspective for me.


    Oh thank Christ!!!!! I'm so relieved – I've been torturing myself looking through the news pix at the devastation which looks like a war zone. I can breathe again – isn't this a weird feeling?? I've never even met Helga but I've so terribly worried about her and G. xo

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